Welcome to the Lethbridge Track & Field Club!

Due to the inclement weather PRACTICE and AGM are cancelled this evening.

AGM is rescheduled for 6:30 on Thursday June 15th  

 Thank you for your interested in Lethbridge Track and Field club.


STARTS Tuesday April 11TH 2017 

TUESDAY AND THURSDAY AT 5:00PM,Practice will run until 6:30.

University of Lethbridge Community Stadium.

Lethbridge Track and Field club We run introduction programs for Athletes 10-12 years of Age. The RUN, JUMP, Throw program is endorsed by Athletics Canada.This gives athletes an opportunity to be introduced to the different Track and Field disciplines, being coached in the correct techniques.

Athletes 13-18 we run Developmental programs for speed power (Sprints, Throws and Jumps) and for distance 800m and up.   

  As for preparation for meets, we do discuss competing and there are a number of meets, both through the schools and around the Province. The meets can be found on the Athletics Alberta Calendar. These meets start in Early May going through until the end of June, unless the athlete qualifies for National and International events which occur through July and August.

Cost are as follows;

We require club members to join Athletics Alberta as they provide our liability insurance. On joining Athletics Alberta the athlete will receive a registration number which is required to join LTFC. AA registration is done at www.athleticsalberta.com and costs $75 per year. LTFC registration is http://lethbridgetrack.ca and costs $150 for the outdoor season April 11-June 23.

 If you have any questions you can contact us at: mike8380@gmail.com